SWITCH by Curses

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    Curses Mike Sacchetti
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  • SWITCH at berlinClub Thursdays will be Thursdays. They sit somewhere in the middle of the relief of a Wednesday and the laziness of a Friday. Where do dancers wander to on these forgotten nights in Madrid? From now on, they will all meet to redefine Thursday nights at berlinClub. We'll transform those Thursdays forgotten between Wednesdays and Fridays with guitar riffs and lipstick, House and Italo, Disco and Electronic, microphones and a circular dance floor. Every Thursday of the month at berlinClub. CURSES The New Yorker/Berlin based Curses is known for blending his Rock & Roll roots with the darker side of Disco, incorporating his ghostly vocals and guitar with flashes of EBM, New Wave, Post-punk, and Psychedelic synth vibes. With releases on labels such as Bordello A Parigi, Throne Of Blood, SC&P, Wrong Era, Ombra INTL, Relish and a Rinse France radio residency, Curses continues to hiss and kiss in clubs worldwide.
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