Dark DIY Fest - Blacker Face, Blvckpunx, Tavishi, Monsters Of Brooklyn, Hadaiyah Yaya Bey, Eluc

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    Blacker Face BLVCKPUNX Tavishi Monsters Of Brooklyn Hadaiyah Yaya Bey Elucid Escuela Olor A Muerte WRISTS Keema Patra Colieon Erik Garlington (of Great Wight) Manikineter Cacophony (Blache Marie of For Brown Bleeders) Bartees Cox (of Bartees & The Strange Fruit) Chris Knight (of Robot Detective) Co Sponsored by For Brown Bleeders
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  • DARK DIY NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT: HIT THE GO FUND ME HERE! https://www.gofundme.com/dark-diy-fest-2k18 DARK DIY is an event founded to increase representation of musicians and sound artists of African, Latinx, Indigenous, and Asian heritage in the broader DIY music community. The event was founded out of a 2017 discussion in a Facebook group entitled PoCDIY, in which many community members expressed the need for independent music and art events that center alternative works by people of color. To create a space that meets this need, the first Dark DIY will be held August 25th, 2018 in Brooklyn, NY at Color Scenes. The event coincides with the timing of the annual Brooklyn Afropunk festival. Building on the energy and appreciation for black art catalyzed by Afropunk Brooklyn, Dark DIY features a lineup of independent, underground, experimental, and extreme performances that represent the core ethos of the Black DIY Punk movement. Dark DIY 2018 will host more than 10 performers including feminist queer punk bands, experimental noise artists, modular synth performances, extreme hip hop, and much much more. It is our hope that this event can display a broad range of alternative performances, celebrating the complex spectrum of sound creation utilized by an up and coming generation of black and brown artists.
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  • Dark DIY Fest - Blacker Face, Blvckpunx, Tavishi, Monsters Of Brooklyn, Hadaiyah Yaya Bey, Eluc - Flyer front