Docklands Festival 2019

  • Docklands Festival Day & Night We are more than happy to announce the 10th Docklands Festival on June 1st 2019! Just like the past years we provide a day & night edition with 24 hours of nonstop program including 100 magnificent national and international artists representing the underground electronic music scene. Out of gratitude towards our incredible audience who made this 10th anniversary possible in the first place, we complement every ticket with special add ons this year: Since the start of our early bird phase, each ticket includes a starter kit of 3 Euro tokens for drinks. Additionally, the ticket allows the use of busses & trains in the area of Westphalia (Westfalentarif) on the event day itself and the following day until 11am. Located around the legendary Hawerkamp area which is an epicentre for electronic music since the late 80s the unique event combines an impressive big stage feeling by day with an intimate energetic club atmosphere by night. The imposing Main Stage offers a futuristic ambience thanks to the visuals with groundbreaking Notch Builder Pro technology. The Canal Stage is located amidst the tropical Coconut Beach and spreads pure summer feeling with its pool, sand and palm trees. The Tree Stage is going to shine in new splendour for our 10 year anniversary. Since the open air part massively gained in importance and popularity over the last few years, we decided to provide three impressive open air stages in 2019. Main Stage, Canal Stage and Tree Stage are appearing in different concepts and add aesthetical and programmatic variety. The festival starts at midday in front of 15.000 expected visitors on the two massive areas beside the Hawerkamp and the second city-centred harbour of Muenster. After the day time part the event continues in the clubs around this terrain until next midday. To stay updated please sign up for our newsletter!
  • Docklands Festival 2019 - Flyer front