Vogue Ball

  • ✨MOTHER HAS ARRIVED.....AGAIN!✨ We are The House of Dicks and Dykes and we are putting together another VOGUE BALL for ya'll ! ! CATEGORIES ARE:💃💃💃 - Butch Queen/ Drag King/ Vogue Fem/Female Figure Performance – Use the vogue elements of hands, catwalk, duckwalk, floor performance, spins and dips - Realness With a Twist (Twister) – Judged on participants' ability to blend in with heterosexuals, then returning in vogue - BQ/DK/FQ/FF Sex Siren – Sex appeal in underwear (thongs, briefs or bikinis) - Butch Queen up in Pumps – Everyone in High heels on the runway! - Drag on Drag – Kings vs Queens on the runway - Hands Performance – Vogue with hands only - Countess Markievicz - Independence walk. Walk with pride of who are and what you believe in No matter what category you walk in, you better work it! Entry: Online Tickets - €10-15 until they sell out. Limited Door sales (we can hold door spots for those that ask first) No1 gets turned away ❤❤ Doors @ 10:00pm, Shows starts at 10:30pm
  • Vogue Ball - Flyer front
    Vogue Ball - Flyer back