Papa Loko: Liberation with VVerses, Othon, Wandson Maxx, Dopamina & Tigox

  • We are over the moon to announce that after the epic ‘Selfless’ party in July, we decided to go for one more 12-hour daytime event, just in time before the autumn settles in and bidding a blissful farewell to summer! Our aim again would be to bring our deep cosmic tech sound to Styx’s outdoor space and if the weather turns sour or rainy, we can squeeze a bit more cosily under the tent or move to the beautiful and spacious hangar-like warehouse where Styx’s main sound-beast presides! The intention for our next party is Liberation… but liberation from what? Many of us feel liberated in some ways, whether in terms of our beliefs, sexuality, political views or our individual expression. This is uber-cool, of course, but only touches the surface of what Liberation (and Freedom) means on a deeper level. Consider this; one can be very liberated in his/her political ideas but internally is bound by self-limiting beliefs or fears, which makes it impossible for him/her to move forward in life or evolve in any significant way. Someone else can be sexually liberated but has no control over his/her negative thoughts, depressive emotions or compulsive drives and his/her life is almost always a misery! So our point is this; our common concepts of Liberation are nice and dandy but what can truly make a change in ourselves and our environment is the Control we cultivate within ourselves. It is a paradox that the person that has the most inner control is actually the most liberated! The best combo, of course, is to be liberated on all levels. SO our blah blah Liberation mantra is this; let’s enjoy our liberated selves in a truly liberated way by gaining control over what we think, feel and do so we can consciously enjoy our Liberation to the fullest and create our own version of Heaven on Earth. For Liberation, we would like to welcome back a duo that has been contributing greatly to the Techno & Electronic scenes in the UK and beyond. VVerses is the collaborative project from the co-founders of London-based label Chapter 24 Records, Más Black and Sam Pauli. A strong work ethic, a clear sonic vision and a commitment to releasing meaningful music with heart and soul above all else has led to Chapter 24 becoming one of the most exciting new labels on the underground scene in recent years. VVerses have produced a series of special edits of releases from the label as well as classic tracks including, most recently, their Fire In The Disco Edit of Let’s Dance by David Bowie. They are also the resident DJs at label showcases, performing in London, Amsterdam and Edinburgh and at festivals in the UK and further afield, including AfrikaBurn and Snowbombing. Papa Loko’s founder, Othon is known for his transcendental techno sets, his experimental electronic productions and his emotive neoclassical pieces. A composer and a pianist, in addition to a dj & producer, he has performed his music in venues such as the Tate Modern and The Roundhouse (UK) and across Europe. He has created work with Marc Almond, Wolfgang Tillmans, David Michael Tibet/ Current 93 and other influential artists and creatives including shamans from the Amazon rainforest. He is currently completing his first solo piano album, while working on a series of techno & electronica releases. Without producing music or even publishing his sets Wandson Maxx has managed to become a mainstay in the London underground scene. Whether it is at Papa Loko, Shutdown, Berlin Berlin or Kaos, Wandson has been bringing his ever-evolving, carefully researched sound to our parties with formidable force, energy and character. Chile born Martina DopaMina has travelled across oceans with her drums and flutes bringing her exquisite deep, multicultural & tribal sound to festivals and venues across the UK and beyond including Germany’s Fusion, Wales’ Fire in the Mountains and UK’s Shambala Festival. TiGoX’s (Giuseppe Gallo) fast-forming emotional and progressive sound has a warmth, depth and a punch that shows a great understanding for both the party and the dance-floor in general. Since his Papa Loko debut he has become an integral part of our artistic family. 'Loko Familia’ Ticket Policy: In our vision for a constantly evolving and utopian party experience, we are continuing to give the possibility to those who cannot afford to party with us a chance to do it. So, there will be an allocated number of 20 free tickets, which will be given to those of you who are truly not able to pay the minimum £10 advance entry from Resident Advisor (or the £8 early bird). Please let us know by message and we will try to help. Tickets: Advance: £10 (£8 Early Bird) Door: £15 Plus 20 allocated tickets for free entry: Please message us on Facebook if you genuinely cannot afford a ticket Art by Mr Piper Come as You Are, Leave as You Would Like to Be
  • Papa Loko: Liberation with VVerses, Othon, Wandson Maxx, Dopamina & Tigox - Flyer front