Robot Heart and The Pussy Tongue At Burning Man

  • Burning Man is near, and Robot Heart has been busy preparing a wonderful treat for you earthlings. Brace yourselves for a full multimedia art and out-of-this-world sound experience that will break you from man-made stationary confines. Robot Heart’s two mobile vehicles (BOT and PussyTongue - our latest addition) will transport your physical and spiritual being deep into the Playa, where art, performances and music await you. Keep your eyes out for our Heart and Robot buses as we roll around the Playa, kicking up dust during the day, and illuminating the skies at night. Wherever the wind blows, we will follow. Wherever the energy is, we will be there, rock’n delicious beats. Anytime, anywhere, expect to find Robot Heart. We are Robot Heart, a mobile sound camp, designed to freely roam the Playa, constantly exploring, enjoying, and breaking border constraints, all the while spinning mad beats on our 74,000 Watt sound system that will simply blow your human minds and leave you longing to curl up with our subwoofers. Come enjoy a world-class sound system, LED art expressions, flames, dancing, and whatever else crosses our path. Celebrate your freedom and satiate your music hunger in Robot Heart style. Sick DJ lineup will follow within a few earth days. Love & Beats, -Robot Heart ==================================== Robot Heart Sound System Specifications July 2009 At Burning Man 2008, we launched Robot Heart as a mobile sound camp with one simple focus: to bring the best mobile sound system and electronic music to the Playa. To help us deliver on that goal, we unveiled “BOT” a double-decker mutant art vehicle that not only carried big sound, but also become a platform of creative expression for media art and technology. It was an overwhelming success. This year, we’re aiming higher, much higher, by creating one of the best mobile sound systems ever to grace the Playa. Come with us on this journey... Currently, many professional audio systems have great sounding lows but lack good mid and high ranges; those that have good highs tend to have muddy bass. It is difficult and rare to find a system that has a solid balance of low, mid and high performances. It’s even more rare, if not unheard of, to find one that has mobility and can withstand the rough elements at Burning Man. This is where we come in. This year our new and completely rebuilt sound system uses several proprietary design features to elevate performance to an impressive level. We’ve reconfigured BOT with 18 Neo-Drive 2-way horn loaded, high-frequency modules that utilize some of the most refined drivers available in the industry. These drivers are arrayed in left and right clusters to provide dynamic highs that are ultra loud yet super crisp and clean. These new high frequency clusters are powered by 24,000 watts of amplifiers controlled with state of the art digital signal processors (DSPs) including specially optimized time alignment. We use DSP controllers to create a dynamic steering effect to lower the sound stage down to street level, and extend the width far beyond what’s been done to date. Both the mid and high frequency drivers use FEA optimized horn loading which exhibit very high spl capability with incredible dynamic range. Simply stated: clean, crisp mid and high notes. We know that nothing feels better than dancing on the Playa and enjoying raw beats and heavy bass. So we looked far and wide to find the finest subwoofers available to meet your dancing needs. BOT is newly configured with 24 Neo-Drive 21" Carbon Fiber 2000 watt subwoofers loaded in computer optimized bass reflex enclosures. We mounted the subwoofers into two vertical line arrays that produce lower and wider distribution of the sound energy. It would take 40 or more 18" woofers to get close to the performance of the 24 Neo-Drive 21"s due to the increased cone area, as well as their 38mm xmax excursion. The 24 x 21" subwoofers are powered by 24,000 watts of premium amplifiers and controlled by state of the art DSPs. As if one re-configured sound system and mutant vehicle wasn’t enough, we decided to build a stunning smaller companion to BOT to join the fun. Say hello to PussyTongue (PT), our newest creation that will make its debut alongside BOT at Burning Man 2009. PT has an audio sound system similar to that on BOT, with 8 Neo-Drive 2-way high frequency modules powered by 10,000 watts of amplification and controlled with state of the art DSPs. PT also has 16 Neo-Drive 21” Carbon Fiber 2000 watt subwoofers powered with 16,000 watts and tied through our DSP controller. Our new friend will be linked wirelessly to BOT and act as a rear fill audio to create the ultimate circular sound experience. When not rocking out with the BOT, PT is geared up to roam independently and bring some awesomeness to the Playa on its own. For you tech hungry DJ's and sound freaks, here’s our system: · 26 horn loaded 12’s · 26 2" exit compression drivers · 40 Carbon fiber 21" subwoofers · 74,000 watts With your participation our intergalactic sound system will no doubt teleport us all to the other side of time. See you on the Playa! Love and beats, -Robot Heart
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