Variance Pres: Day Event, Portabello, Dublin 8

  • FATSOMA - RESIDENT ADVISOR - Facebook Event - Tickets €10 (+booking fee) Door €12 DOOR: 6pm - 1am ROAR Variance are delighted to present the first of our “day events” at “The Bello Bar, 1 Portobello Harbour, D8”, tickets are €10 from Fatsoma or Resident Advisor. To kick things off in style we have procured an excellent and diverse lineup of seven performers. No holds barred, with all forms of electronica, some hip hop, techno, disco and house, this event promises to please many club goers into different styles of music, or just up for a great day and evening out in a great venue in Dublin. Held in the beautiful “Bello Bar” not far from the Grand Canal and a stones throw from the centre of town, it really is the perfect location for an event. On the bill we have the amazing DJ, Handsome Paddy, this man is a regular on the Irish festival circuit, while also getting plenty of sets in clubs across the country, for good reason, on his own we would consider the event a “not to be missed” event, with 6 more artists, this is a great alternative to the festivals if you don’t want to break the bank. Joining Handsome Paddy we have the fantastic duo String & Bates, the Wicklow based duo have always been breaking down walls, a proper crowd pleaser in our best opinion, fresh from their Life 18’ set this promises to be and excellent addition to this stacked lineup, the lads keep it short and sweet, and let the music speak, and it speaks louder then decibels can comprehend, on their own page the bio is short and sweet “DJ duo operating out of Wicklow .. Techno and quality house since 2011”, if you have not witnessed the lads go ballistic, well you have not witnessed one of Irelands finest duos, so get in. Onwards we have “Oktopus Dublin” front man, and “Variance” artist nktrnl, what do we need to say about nktrnl, his live set is astonishingly good, machine-bred and out and out machine-head, born modular, his folks did a great job putting him together, and programming him to be an IMMENSE live act, never lets you down, always breaking down them walls with his unique and fantastic livesets. SKiN of Variance trio “NRHEISk”, and also with some solo releases himself on both “Variance” and “Variant Electronic”, played the last Variance party, all those years ago, alongside Keepsakes, Mael & Scenedrone, and he was one of the first that we booked for this event, he is front and central with “Variance”, “NRHEISk” have a lot upcoming, and word has it that eventually “NRHEISk” will be doing a live at one of these events, for now though a vinyl mix from SKiN will have to suffice, but there is no sacrifice, this man has skills, so procure your finest dancing shoes, because this will be 8 hours of action, and we are only getting started. Jish “Hard riddims from Dublin, Ireland” has made an almighty bang onto the scene of late, playing all over Dublin and across the country, he will be providing his skills to us on the 8th with some tech goodness, the 20 Year old Dublin based techno DJ/producer has really impressed us at “Variance”, so keep your eyes peeled. We are delighted to also bring you Peggs, this 20 year old Dubliner has been impressing all over with his diverse style and technical ability, he doesn’t pigeonhole himself, playing anything, from disco to house to techno, an electronica head, that loves to DJ. Last but not least we have Variance owner Luke Creed, touring Ireland and Europe since the age of 20, now 30, he is no stranger to the scene and its nuances, he will provide what people expect of him, and maybe a little extra. His mentality towards music and DJ’ing is the defining factor in the presentation of his art, not exactly a "purist" in the typical sense of the word, he is a devout dissenter and you can hear it in his music. Follow the event pages to hear some preview mixes before the event and any news. Thanks. Handsome Paddy String & Bates Luke Creed SKiN / Danny Gibson (NRHEISk) nktrnl Jish Peggs VARIANCE MUSIC: SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: VENUE: 1 Portabello Harbour Dublin, Ireland
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