Bring Down The Walls: Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers

  • Genuine house royalty touches down at Berghain for a first-ever live set in Germany.
  • Eintritt ab 18 Jahre | Please note: Entry is x-rated / 18+ Ausverkauft, keine Tickets an der Abendkasse! | Sold out, no tickets on the door! Bitte beachtet das Fotografie-/Filmverbot | Please mind the no-photos/-videos policy Am heutigen Abend stellen Lakuti und Tama Sumo ihr gemeinsames Projekt Bring Down The Walls im Berghain vor. Zum Auftakt der Reihe haben die beiden Gastgeberinnen eine wahre Legende eingeladen: Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers, der zum ersten Mal live in Deutschland zu sehen sein wird. Heard prägte wie kaum ein anderer die frühe House-Szene Chicagos mit seinem introspektiven, magischen Sound. Durch seinen differenzierten, geschmeidigen Stil und den gefühlvollen, persönlichen Vocals gelang es Heard, Klassiker wie „Missing You“, „Can You Feel It“ oder später auch „The Sun Can't Compare“ für die Ewigkeit zu kreieren. Das Projekt Bring Down The Walls (das auf den gleichnamigen frühen House-Track von 1986, produziert von Heard und mit herzzerreißenden, politischen Lyrics des Sängers Robert Owens, anspielt) soll über den herkömmlichen Musikkonsum hinausgehen und einen Raum für Dialoge schaffen. DJ-Support gibt es heute Nacht von David Elimelech, Lakuti und Tama Sumo. Artwork Flyer September 2018: Uzzo Lino ( x x x x x x x x x x ENGLISH x x x x x x x x x x Tonight sees the launch of Bring Down The Walls , an initiative by Tama Sumo & Lakuti . Bring Down The Walls is a platform aiming to nurture a more caring music community via Music presentation, discussions and screenings. More on Bring Down The Walls is available via - Tonights show will see a performance by the legend that is Larry Heard aka Mr Fingers, performing a live set for the first time in Germany. Larry Heard alongside Robert Owens has been the inspiration behind the project name and we are sure we speak for many, when we say that Larry Heard's music touches us on a very deep and profound way. The message within the music continues to guide us in both our personal lives as well as our music path. Larry Heard's life has been characterised by the kind of quiet intensity that will be instantly understandable to anyone who knows his music. From the moment he unwittingly gave the nascent house music scene a shot in the arm with his introspective and dreamlike early tracks, he has delivered music that doesn't shout or demand your attention, yet which speaks to the very deepest parts of the human condition, and as such triggers the most passionate and enduring responses in discerning listeners and dancers. And his dedication to his craft means that not only do his earliest works still stand up as classics for the ages, but he continues to be as prolific as ever, creating the kind of poised, beautiful electronic music that can consistently win over the most demanding music lovers. Support dj's on the night are David Elimelech, Lakuti & Tama Sumo. We hope to see you tonight!
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