Chemtrail Party Mix presents DJ Detweiler / DJ Fingerblast

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    DJ Detweiler, DJ Fingerblast, Ponceau 4R, MT Hall, XDJX, DJ Big Ron from the Swan, Bad Eror Lad, DJ Shitstomper, Simon Jones Chillout Donk Experience
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  • UNLEASHING YET ANOTHER CHEMFUELLED NIGHT OF TIN FOILLED MADNESS,GET YE FLAT EARTH MAPS AND TIN FOIL HATS ON,ITS TIME FOR THE FINEST IN DONK,HARDCORE,MEMECORE AND MASH UP CONSPIRICES ------------------->>---------- DJ DETWEILER the world famous anti-genius behind the flutedrop,watch out for the cyber bizzies der la DJ FINGERBLAST another massive name in the nu-internet,we all just wanna be a big donkstar,the memes come easy but the donks aint cheap POONCEAU 4R (dj dadmagnet, chinstroke records) edm-y club bangery stuff but mashed up in a really stupid way. authorised in a variety of foods ---------------------------------------------------------- MT HALL well live techno amidst an array of acid basslines and trance stabs XDJX welcome to like island: stedded-up kawaii, slambient pop, harsh chart music #cryingatthegym DJ BIG RON FROM THE SWAN classic rave and hardcore,liverpools finest BAD EROR LAD if the wolfe tones did raves in japan DJ SHITSTOMPER soviet wigan pier destruction SIMON JONES CHILLOUT DONK EXPERIENCE propa live donk covers of the worst things imaginable,would advise full body tin foil protection ----ALSO VISUAL HORRENDOUSITY FROM PROJECTILE VOMIT,TOILET TUNES FROM BOG FM,FUN&GAMES PLUS BUCKFAST ON THE BAR!----
  • Chemtrail Party Mix presents DJ Detweiler / DJ Fingerblast - Flyer front