Dur Dur Live: Volume 1 and Volume 2 Launch Party

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    Dur Dur Band Samy Ben Redjeb (Analog Africa) Stepping into Tomorrow
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  • ANALOG AFRICA AND STEPPING INTO TOMORROW PRESENT: DUR DUR BAND LIVE IN LONDON We're very excited to present one of Somalia's most legendary groups for their first major gig in London. The night is a celebration of Dur Dur unique sounds and an opportunity to showcase Analog Africa's reissue of the bands first two albums. DUR DUR BAND LIVE - SAMY BEN REDJEB - DJ - STEPPING INTO TOMORROW DJ Dur Dur were formed in the early 80s in Mogadishu, influenced by a disparate mix of the likes of Bob Marley, Santana, James Brown and Michael Jackson, as well as the traditional sounds of Somali folk music. They created a unique sound, characterised by driving, funky guitars and sax, spacey keyboards and high octave vocals - which fitted into the rich tapestry of a scene quickly becoming known as ‘Moqadishu Funk’. By the mid 1980s Dur Dur were one of the hottest groups in the whole of Somalia. Their lead singers Sahra Dawo, with her incredible vocal range, and the enigmatic ‘Pastow’ (a nickname alluding to his skinny ‘pasta’ like frame) and Quomaal are still legendary figures across the Somalian diaspora. As their reputation grew, the band’s popularity spread over the border to neighboring countries Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya. The first single ‘Diinleya’ had taken Somalian airwaves by storm in a way rarely seen before or since. The next single, ‘Dab,’ had an even greater impact, and the two hits had turned them into the hottest band in town. In addition to their main gig as house band at the legendary Jubba Hotel, Dur-Dur had also been asked to perform the music for the play “Jascyl Laba Ruux Mid Ha Too Rido” (May one of us fall in love) at Mogadishu’s national theatre. Nightclubs like Hotel Juba, Jazeera Hotel and Hotel al-Curuuba hosted legendary parties with the city’s youth dancing to bands like Dur Dur, Iftin, Sharero and Waaberi into the early morning hours. Fast forward to 2018 and Analog Africa are once again shining a light on this legendary band. After years of tracking down and lovingly restoring some of Dur Dur's recordings, a compilation of the bands work will be released in September 2018. This triple LP / double CD reissue of the band’s first two albums – the first instalment in a three-part series dedicated to Dur-Dur Band – represents the first fruit of Analog Africa’s long labours to bring this extraordinary music to the wider world. Remastered from the best available audio sources, these songs have never sounded better. We're very excited to announce that Dur Dur Band have reformed in London centred around their longest serving memeber's Abdillahi Ujeery and Mohammed Karama, and feature the vocal talents of the legendary Somali singer Fadumina Hilowleh. For the first time in London, for one night only, the band will play come together and finally bring back the 'Moqadishu Funk’!
  • Dur Dur Live: Volume 1 and Volume 2 Launch Party - Flyer front