Eye To Eye

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    Stash Magnetic
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  • .EYE TO EYE celebrates the relationship between Alien Disco Technology, Subsonic Soundscapes & UFO sightings. Stash Magnetic will deliver a totally live set accompanied by DJs GRAM SUGARLUMP ( http://www.oap23.com/#/sound/ )and NICK STASH MAGNETIC, with musical influences as diverse as Neu! and Silver Apples, as new insights are synthesised from both mundane and transcendent narratives. EYE TO EYE have been fascinated by the unrelenting divergence of cultures and subcultures, with what starts out as hope, soon becoming debased into a cacophony of chaos, leaving listeners with a sense of dread, but also the possibility of a new synthesis envisioned through spontaneous performances by ZERO CENTRAL. As wavering derivatives become transformed through frantic and critical dancing, the visitor is left with a symphonic landscape to the edges of our future. Ad Astra To The Stars.
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