Hotboxed presents: DJ Boring (Shall Not Fade)

  • HOTBOXED presents: DJ Boring TIP: Take Friday off, you don't want to miss this heavy hitter in the house! Making his first appearance in Detroit, DJ Boring, also known by his birth name Tristan Hallis, is a dance-oriented house producer based out of London, UK. His signature sound, a mix of clean grooves and intertwining melodics, has garnered much praise in the last year from critics and fans alike. Tristan’s music has been released on E-Beamz, Let’s Play House, Lost Palms, and his new label, Vienna Records. He is most notably recognized for his sensational youtube hit Winona which has to date received more than 2.3 million views.
  • Hotboxed presents: DJ Boring (Shall Not Fade) - Flyer front