Blankstairs x Spontaneous Affinity

  • New York and Portland label Blankstairs and NY-based mix/interview platform Spontaneous Affinity present a midweek affair of psychedelic techno-adjacent sounds in Kreuzberg with Special Guest DJ, Isabella, and N/A (Nathaniel Young b2b Lychee): ☽☽☽ Special Guest DJ [Berlin] Motion Ward, Anòmia, West Mineral Ltd. Operating between Chicago and Berlin, Special Guest DJ has produced dreamy, dubby, enveloping releases as Uon, Caveman LSD, and DJ Paradise, and recorded assorted DJ mixes for c minus's beloved podcast and The Lot Radio. ☽☽☽ Isabella [Boston] Peder Mannerfelt, Börft Isabella has been a staple within the Boston electronic underground for years. Perhaps best known for her always evolving, thrash-inducing live sets (as seen at Upperberry July 26), she's released with Börft and Peder Mannerfelt. ☽☽☽ N/A (Nathaniel Young b2b Lychee) [NYC] Blankstairs, Spontaneous Affinity Nathaniel Young, co-founder of Blankstairs, writes music under the aliases Kohl, Richard P, and his birth name that touch on a wide spectrum of sounds ranging from the meditative to the abrasive, recently released on Umor Rex, forthcoming on Medical Records. Lychee runs Spontaneous Affinity, a monthly mix and interview series and occasional event platform focused on how dancefloors have shaped artists, and is a monthly resident at Distrikt 1 at Bossa Nova Civic Club in Brooklyn. Previously co-founded and was a resident DJ at Boston's quarterly queer techno night. ☽☽☽ Presented by ---
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