Next Step Forward Festival

  • Celebrate London's fantastic homegrown scene with a 30-hour rave featuring 38 killer DJs.
  • Summer is well & truly upon us & this time 30 years ago London was properly under the influence of the 2nd summer of love. A new music & youth street culture was born. New York House & Garage, Chicago House, Detroit House & Techno, Old School Electro and the best European dance music flavours became the backdrop to this exciting new dance music culture. Move forward to 2018 & the legacy of that amazing summer is ours to behold on a global scale with millions of revellers coming together, week in, week out, to celebrate life to cutting edge electronic dance music. It’s now time for us to take the Next Step Forward. In celebration of 3 decades of our culture, 7 London collectives featuring 38 DJs & acts will be coming together across 4 dance floors & 4 venues to present a brand new 1-day boutique London Festival to celebrate our culture, cutting edge electronica & togetherness. Collectives in order of appearance & DJs alphabetical: SPILT MILK: (The Cause Room 1 - 2pm - 10pm) Bushwacka, Cici, Juan Leal, Saytek Live, Tred Benedict BREAKFAST CLUB: (The Cause Room 2 - 3pm - 9pm) Acid Jesse, Asad Silverlining, Broken Neon, Leah Floyeurs MISFIT: (Grow - 5pm - 11pm) Fractious, JC Williams, Surreal, Victor Von Weef Dodo Club: (The Cause Room 2 - 9pm - 6am) Acell, ADJ, Automaton, Errorbeauty, Hatch, Roel Funken, Steve Faulkner, Steven Rutter, Kim Cosmik Class of 88: (The Cause Room 1 - 10pm - 6am) Andy Blake, Colin Dale, Danny Rampling, Mr C, Nancy Noise, Omid 16B DIRTY LAUNDRY: (The Cause Barbershop - 10pm - 4am) Dokta, JR, Nick Gynn, Marlyo, Tim Ross SUPERFREQ: (Grow - 11pm - 6am) Eddie Richards, Jay Tripwire, Murf, Xo Chic Tickets for the entire festival from 2pm - 6am are now £25 in advance or £30 on the door. We have a secret after hours in a great place, information of which will be shared with those attending the main event only. This will run from 6am late into the evening or until we drop.
  • Next Step Forward Festival - Flyer front
    Next Step Forward Festival - Flyer back