Solarplexia ICN: Robert Johnson

  • DJs from the legendary Offenbach nightclub Robert Johnson, Ata and Lauer, take control of one of the city's best soundsystems.
  • "Ending. I once finished the last set of the closing night of Manumission in Ibiza with Peggy Lee's "Is That All There Is?", which implores us to keep on dancing in the face of our inevitable doom. We can do little else, of course. The sense of an ending - our ending - is something we've been trying to cope with for thousands of years. Dancing in the face of it seems to be as a good strategy. We are doomed to live the show-business cliché: always always leave 'em wanting more. But having experienced the desperate disappointment that at some point it all has to end is a wisdom learned, a moral if you will. If it's just the club night that's over, we're let off the hook for a little while at least. It's the point at which many things begin again - "real" life, yes perhaps - but also anticipation, we can start to look forward to the next time, to the next, which is almost the best bit. Because for now, there will be another time, another party, another excuse to stay up and get wasted. And another. And another. Until the moment arrives when all of that booze, all of the glitter, each drop of serotonin no longer matters, the moment that we're doing other things, living other lives. Until finally, we're nothing at all. 'Til then, I'll see you on the dance-floor." - Ewan Pearson, Come On In My Kitchen, 2012 Introducing Solarplexia ICN: our International Clubbing Night that focuses on celebrating historic & up-and-coming nightclubs/collectives around the world that have had a resounding influence on underground dance music culture. On September 8th, we've invited Ata & Lauer, founder and resident DJ of Robert Johnson, to deliver a masterclass in house music on the newly upgraded SBS Slammer through an extended B2B. Robert Johnson is a Frankfurt, Germany institution named after the American Blues legend. It's been operating since 1999, and over the years Gerd Janson, Ricardo Villalobos, and Dixon have all served as resident DJs for the club. Until 2007, the nightclub never released lineups in advance of their parties -- and all of them ran open-end. The latter is still true at Robert Johnson today, and also stands firm for this gathering on 9/8. You decide when the last record plays. As always, we have a zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and any kind of hatred towards one another. Security at Analog has been instructed to help anyone experiencing unwarranted touching on the dance floor, and specifically are on the lookout for aggressive male behavior. This is something that's important to us: remember that you can always come to the door if you're not feeling great about how something is happening inside. Tickets to not guarantee entry, per usual. We'll have free water, consent cards, ear plugs and glitter for all dancers that come into our house. Your club stamp provides you re-entry all night long. Come in peace, and come to disconnect. Es muss nicht immer so weiter gehen. Wie lange ist jetzt? Für immer.
  • Solarplexia ICN: Robert Johnson - Flyer front
    Solarplexia ICN: Robert Johnson - Flyer back