Decade: A Quietus 10th Anniversary Rave

  • Consistently celebrating the humorous, strange and experimental corners of electronic music, The Quietus brings together a fittingly dark and raucous lineup to celebrate their tenth birthday.
  • We couldn't really mark the ten years of The Quietus' existence without doing an event in one of our sacred spaces, Corsica Studios. Since 2008 we've spent hours under its gracefully arching roof. The vibrations of Sunn O)))'s Grimmrobe Demos gig are still somewhere deep inside our solar plexus (plexus? Plexi?). Some of the greatest moments though have come at 4 or 5 am on a packed dancefloor with important parts of essential selves being utterly rearranged by glorious, heavy techno. Which is why on Friday 7th September we're celebrating some of the artists who've made those nights so special with a one-off, heavy-hitting night of 4/4 slap & tickle. We're excited to welcome Midlands naughty men Regis & Surgeon AKA British Murder Boys for a super rare intimate set of their "alternate universe space rock". Also playing live are ribald disco duo Blacknecks, responsible for our eternal favourite belter 'To Cosmos Let's Go', who are coming out of retirement to show the rest of the bill what for. The third live act will be Nik Void, whose group Factory Floor were one of the few legal things that kept The Quietus motivated in our early struggles as an independent publication. Topping the bill with BMB is Perc, whose commitment to fusing techno, noise and the political has made him a core artist for us over recent years. If his entirely potty recent set for Unpolished is anything to go by this - and hopefully the new material contained within - is not to be missed. Joining Ali Perc will be sometime Perc Trax signing Manni Dee, whose debut album The Residue is one of our favourites of the year thus far - "all strained seams, air thick with sweat, bruises that stir up breathless memories even as they fade", as our review had it. Then we've got Powell of the brilliant Diagonal label along to do who the hell knows what just yet in a surprise carte-blanche couple of hours in room two before DJ Bus Replacement Service promises to confuse the crap out of everyone with eg. the Pet Shop Boys and a sending to the infirmary. Finally, London's techno scene has continued thrive thanks in great part to the efforts of the wonderful people of KAOS. We're celebrating this by bringing Choronzon down from his usual haunt of Electrowerks, alongside two of the best new DJs of the Nitzer Ebb lineage, KAOS regulars Proteus and former Quietus staffer Sophie Coletta.
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