Balearic Weekend 2018 Mihama

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    DJ: Phil Mison (Cantoma) from the UK Robin Lee (Faze Action) from the UK Max Essa (Jansen Jardin) Mariennu haraguchic (Freedom Sunset) Mizu-ki (Okinawa Delays) Live: Okinawa Delays feat. Satoko Ishimine Shiba (Freedom Sunset)
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  • What Is Balearic? Balearic refers to the archipelago including Ibiza, the sacred ground for dance music, located in the Mediterranean Sea of southern Spain. The laid-back sound with an overflowing resort feeling that originated from Ibiza, one of the islands of the Balearic Archipelago, is the origin of the “Balearic Sound". This project proposes an idea of inviting the top DJs that are active in the Balearic scene to Okinawa and hold a party. Spanish Embassy will officially support our party!! ※Venue is Pizzaeria Bar Ariccia & The Calif Kitchen!!
  • Balearic Weekend 2018 Mihama - Flyer front