The Bunker LTD with Wata Igarashi 8 Hour Set

  • Don't worry, your brain isn't broken. It's just Wata Igarashi taking control of your consciousness via extraterrestrial techno frequencies.
  • Wata Igarashi has quickly emerged as one of Japan’s leading DJs and producers. He has been exploring the deeper side of techno through well-received EPs on Midgar, The Bunker NY, and DJ Nobu’s Bitta label, as well as standout tracks on compilations on Semantica and Time to Express. By day, Igarashi works as a sound producer and the skills he has developed through his work are reflected in his productions, which are distinguished by their subtle and carefully polished feel. Igarashi pursues a similar sound in his DJ sets, developing a distinctive take on the more psychedelic brand of techno Japan has become known for. Wata has appeared at The Bunker at Contact and Air in Tokyo, Bassiani in Tbilisi, and last year at Good Room in Brooklyn. This is his first extended set in NYC and 8 hours will be his longest set to date. He’s been an artist we had in mind to play at The Bunker Limited and we can’t wait to hear him stretch out and take us on a proper journey! For those not familiar with The Bunker Limited: it’s an intimate event that began in the Public Assembly loft in 2011, and is meant for smaller rooms so tickets are strictly limited, there is no photography allowed, no guestlist, and the sets are not recorded. The idea is to create a special and unique experience just for the heads who show up.
  • The Bunker LTD with Wata Igarashi 8 Hour Set - Flyer front
    The Bunker LTD with Wata Igarashi 8 Hour Set - Flyer back