Shoom - Summer of Acid

  • Shoom, the legendary club set up in London by Danny Rampling in late 80’s celebrates its 30th Anniversary year with a spectacular tour around Europe. Inspired by the sounds of Ibiza during the second Summer of Love, Shoom established a whole new movement in Balearic-influenced Acid House. It is September 1988. The first big London Comes to Amsterdam illegal warehouse party is organised in a huge hangar-like building in a derelict dock area in the harbour of Amsterdam. Word on the street is that Acid House is the next big thing, Shoom is the hottest place to be and everyone’s curious to experience it. Over 300 clubbers from London make their way by boat, bus and plane for a weekend of madness in ‘The Dam’. Danny Rampling & his team pile their record cases into the back of a van and park it in the middle of the warehouse. At least he’s in there somewhere: the warehouse is filled with smoke and stroboscopes and you can’t see further than your own arm. Acccccccciiiiiied! Two thousand people go wild. This is the dawning of the Acid House revolution in Amsterdam. Now, 30 years later Shoom returns to Amsterdam as part of the Paradi50 celebrations, but it’s not just nostalgia: expect Modern Acid combined with original Acid House classics, smileys, smoke, strobes, confetti, whistles, sirens - the whole package! Acid anno 2018. Main room: - Danny Rampling - DJ Pierre - ILONA - Analog Kitchen (live)
  • Shoom - Summer of Acid - Flyer front