Trillers Open Air

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  • Do you remember our beautiful open air at Kompass last year? There's a certain type of magic to be found when so many people gather together to share their love for music & each other. Planning to do this again on Sunday July 1st, with some extra surprises of course. Kompass hosts the biggest techno artists every weekend so it's definitely a pleasure to bring some TRILLERS vibes. You do remember 4Y TRILLERS, right? Let's keep on building & celebrating this beautiful community. So happy to work with some international tastemakers from 3 different countries. Hannah Faith from the UK, praised by Soulection. Midas Hutch, the funky alter ego of FS Green. Omar Duro from NL, afro suave papi. Lorkestra from FR, from them 99GINGER parties. Eagl, your TRILLERS host, typing this. Everyone has been carefully selected because I personally believe they bring a selection of the future of beats music. As long as it's suave
  • Trillers Open Air - Flyer front