10yrs Electric Weekender

  • Tumble head first into another party season with sets from Midland, Peverelist and Ciel.
  • Here we go again. Our much beloved season-opening-party (not that the season-break would be that long in Leipzig) celebrates its 10th birthday - woo hoo! Founded ten (or eleven?) years ago by a combination of three crews which were consisting of the ELECTRIC ISLAND, the wednesday party MIDI and the infamous ELASTIC club near Connewitzer Kreuz (back then). A lot has changed concerning the so-called „electronic music scene“ in Leipzig during the last 10 years, like the rising amount of professional and/or quality partys, more people who want to earn their rent with djing and more promotional texts that have to be written (Evidence A), but: the core idea of our little get together is almost unchanged. Three days of big fun with different aspects and ideas of electronic music, ranging from the more experimental, uk-influenced (and maybe rougher) friday to the more classic house and techno-oriented saturday with the irreplaceable additional hangout veranda outside, slipping directly to the heart-melting grand finale open-air at our beloved Conne Island garden on sunday. Here’s to the next 10 years! Season Opening / Dance Inside / Garden Hangout / Veranda Dance / Connetainer / BBQ / Feuertonne / Drugscouts / Destroy Umbrellas / IO
  • 10yrs Electric Weekender - Flyer front