Elevate - Sarc x GIRL - Immersive Daytime Conscious Clubbing

  • SARC host GIRL DJs for an immersive daytime club-music experience. Dancing as a collective is one of the oldest tribal instincts of man. Moving your body in time to a beat produces endorphins that give the dancer a natural high - heightening the senses more than any substance or alcohol. Some say it's a massive energy boost, while others equate this feeling with a spiritual experience that benefits their overall sense of well-being. This is the core message behind the early-morning and sober-rave movements currently taking over London - “Dance yourself happy!”. It’s in this spirit that SARC (Sonic Arts Research Centre) are teaming up with Belfast based DJ collective GIRL - Marion Hawkes and Venus Dupree - to invite you to roll out of bed and onto the dance floor. This morning rave session will kick start your day in the unique setting of the Sonic Lab. With full lighting rig and over 40 speakers above, around and below, it's the perfect setting for an immersive musical experience. Elevate your mind, your body and your soul to the beat! ***Please note before visiting the Sonic Lab*** It is advised not to wear shoes with heels, and to wear comfortable shoes with a reasonably thick sole. This is because the floor is a metal grid that allows sound to come from the basement. Food and drink is not permitted in the lab, but can be consumed in the foyer. Water will be available in the foyer. This event is supported by Belfast City Council as part of the Belfast Music Summer Season - for more go to http://www.belfastcity.gov.uk/belfastmusic
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  • Elevate - Sarc x GIRL - Immersive Daytime Conscious Clubbing - Flyer front
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