Foreign Drama 03

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    Serena Elis and IDHAZ
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  • [Please RSVP/Donate through the Eventbrite link if you are attending] Foreign Drama is a series of Audio/Visual events by female electronic musicians and artists from disperate cultural backrounds and influence. Foreign Drama 03 will consist of two live music performances and alternating visual projection work. Part 1: Serena Elis is an independent artist who composes, sings, and writes her own music. Her futuristic sounds with classical ambiance are her unique approach to her one of a kind sounds. These hybrid combinations come from her appreciation from all genres and also her background in string instruments. She is from New York with origins in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. Accompanying Visuals: Candy for Breakfast (Tamara Chu) is a video alchemist, creative coder, and dancer interested in how movement, digital and physical, can transform space and ignite visceral networks. For Foreign Drama 03 she will be mixing original and found footage in conversation with the musicians. IG @chu.tamara Part 2: IDHAZ is a producer/singer/poet using sound to transport through undiscovered emotions, past, future, and fractured light. She just released their first full length album called "drink the wind" on the local label True Indigo, the dark blue blend of beatmaking, r&b, and noise. IDHAZ's origins are from Mexico and Guatemala. Accompanying Visuals: Rose Cherami (True Indigo, SF) manicpixelluciddreamgirl splashing sand from the leaky side of a beach town. ______ Foreign Drama is a monthly series directed by Migle Ka. If you recognize your self as a female and would like to participate or perform do not hesitate to reach out. ([email protected]) The event is free if needed but we strongly encourage donating an amount you are comfortable with. Everything goes to the performers, the space and future events.
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