RA Lisa: mina - CANCELLED / ZDB

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  • Many of us have seen the headlines referring to Lisbon as "Europe's hot new art capital" (or some other lazy generalisation intended to seduce ex-pats), but we don't often hear about the local artists who have helped build this lively and dynamic scene. Two years since we visited Lisbon with RA In Residence, we return for a weekend of happenings with our Community Connections series. For one week in July, we’ll celebrate and collaborate with a selection of local crews, labels and collectives who are doing great things for all the right reasons. On the evening of Friday 6th July, we collaborate with the forward-thinking outfit mina for a late night warehouse rave. No lineup announcement, €10 all night. Special guests. Expect vibes and sweat. / Venue announcement. Lisbon, as we all know, is a treacherous landscape for throwing parties. When we approached mina about this collaboration, we had a warehouse space in mind. It was unused, raw, and perfect for a rave. We knew it would be amazing, but we also knew it was a time bomb, as the venue was to be knocked down and repurposed soon. After each meeting, we return to the space to find another wall gone, another hole dug, another power cable exposed. For both us and mina, raver safety is our top priority. Safety from all types of volatility. With this in mind, we have decided to move from our initial space to a well worthy warehouse we know and love: Village Underground Lisboa. Many of you will know the boxes outside, but few of you will have experienced their indoor room. A blank canvas for the party. You can check the address of the venue at mina’s website later tonight: http://www.minasuspension.com The bar will be outside, so we’ll have the whole rave pit. We’ll be using cloth to section off the room, creating dark corners and crevices for you to get lost in. There will be a strobe light, a smoke machine and their untouchable Function One sound system, and of course a totally unannounced lineup. See you front left. Produced in partnership with Village Underground Lisboa.
  • RA Lisa: mina - CANCELLED / ZDB - Flyer front
    RA Lisa: mina - CANCELLED / ZDB - Flyer back