Secretsundaze 'Club Kids' Halloween Party with Fred P, Michael Serafini & Carista

  • Pay homage to a golden-era in New York clubbing culture with sets from Fred P and Chicago's Michael Serafini.
  • Secretsundaze are proud to announce full details of their 2018 Halloween party which takes place on Saturday 27th October at their usual haunt Oval Space. The annual event has run for many years now, being one of their most popular in the calendar and each year there has been a fresh theme. Last years 'Club Kids' special seemed to go down particularly well, really capturing a vibe and spirit which translated to an incredible party. The effort people went to, to embrace the theme was fantastic and inspired Secretsundaze to make 'Club Kids' an annual party. Frankly a Club Kids theme just seems so much cooler, more fun and fitting for a dance music based party than the usual halloween fare which Secretsundaze had become tired of. Secretsundaze are not trying to appropriate but pay homage to an era in clubland that they are very fond of. The party having run successfully for 17 years is known to be one of the most warm, welcoming and accepting parties in London and these guiding principles and foundations of dance music culture are ones which they hold in the highest esteem. For those that don't know the Club Kids were a bunch a young people that ran riot across NYC clubland during the mid 90's. They were most known for their flamboyant behaviour, outrageous costumes and gender fluidity and remembered for making a great impact as an artistic and fashion conscious youth culture whose influence can be felt in alternative queer club culture today. Some more background - Secretsundaze are big fans of much of the house created and played in the era of the original Cub Kids in the mid 90's at The Sound Factory, The Limelight and Palladium where DJs Junior Vasquez and Danny Tenaglia ruled the roost and tracks such as Get Your Hands off My Man, Be Yourself, Music is The Answer and Reach For Me became anthems. They will be digging back into their collections to highlight some music from that era. Joining Secretsundaze will be Fred P, Michael Serafini and Carista. All have been selected for their exceptional music taste but also their personality and vibe that will no doubt contribute to the party. Fred P needs no introduction. One of the modern day G’s of real deep house music, carrying the baton from people like Ron Trent and Larry Heard but very much taking it to his own place. Originating from New York the home of the original club kids sound, his releases and DJ sets have always marked him out as a firm favourite here at Secretsundaze and we have lost count the number of times he has played the party. Its been a minute though so we’re already hyped to hear him again! Our second guest was one of the first to spring to mind for a club kids special, Michael Serafini. His residency Queen! at The Smart Bar in Chicago can be seen as one of the most authentic and colourful, gay and mixed parties in the USA. Michael is also the owner of the infamous Gramaphone record store, a bona fide Chicago institution. He is a house expert and has played at all the mecca's from Panorama Bar to Block 9 at Glastonbury. Last up Secretsundaze are inviting back one of their new firm favourites in Carista from the Netherlands. First hearing her on Red Light Radio and shortly after inviting her to play with them last April. The last few weeks have been some of the biggest of her career to date with her storming set at the Dekmantel Boiler room arena just a few weeks ago winning over many news fans. She is also playing for Secretsundaze in just a few weeks time for their 17th birthday party so this will be her third gig with them this year which speaks volumes. Of course Secretsundaze will ensure that Oval Space is dressed accordingly for the occasion! Expect - bold, bright and slightly deranged! Secretsundaze are we are hyped for the first regular instalment of their Club Kids Special and do hope you will join them in getting on down. Anyone struggling for inspiration for their outfits have no fear, as long as you can cultivate an all round air of fabulous or anything goes you'll be just fine! GET 20% DISCOUNT AT ROKIT VINTAGE We've also arranged with Rokit Vintage that all 'Club Kids' ticket holders get a 20% discount at any of their Brick Lane, Camden or Covent Garden stores ;)
  • Secretsundaze 'Club Kids' Halloween Party with Fred P, Michael Serafini & Carista - Flyer front
    Secretsundaze 'Club Kids' Halloween Party with Fred P, Michael Serafini & Carista - Flyer back