Apokalipstick: Zombie Uprising

  • An immersive theatre rave with a huge line up of performance artists, dancers, freakshow acts, suspension and loads more PRESALE TICKETS ARE FINISHED YOU CAN BUY ON THE DOOR / ABENDKASSE ⟁ A virus has swept over the Earth and the dead are walking again... Berlin has become infected and no one is safe. The uprising has begun and the Zombie apocalypse is upon us. FIND YOUR TRIBE AT APOKALIPSTICK. STRICT DRESS CODE - NO STREET WEAR ALLOWED ZOMBIE / Post-Apocalypse / Dystopian / Military / Fetish / Creative / Bladerunner / Mad Max / 5th Element / Kinky / Naked ☣ THE PLEASURE DISTRICT ☣ The main district of NeoBerlin – A joyride of gratifications and delectations. Where the neon lights and the eyes shine. Watch the pleasure Girlz and Boyz and Girlboyz relish in revelry like it’s their last chance. ☠ THE PAIN DISTRICT ☠ Hidden deep below in the under belly of the bunker is the military hospital of the KBB, nurses and medics will tend to the wounds of the resistance fighters, but their practises aren't for the faint hearted... ✠ THE FAITH DISTRICT ✠ Among the ruins of the previous world order, a faction of the resistance have splintered further from the rest and formed a strange new NeoPagan religious sect. You will notice them as your pass through their district by their unusual ways, dress and symbols. Perhaps they will invite you to join in one of their ceremonies… ⚓ THE SAILOR'S PORT ⚓ The radiation fall out has left a wake of terrible mutations and deformities. Some have even been outcasted and hide away near the radioactive pools. A Sailors Port where dirty seaman and mutant mermaids dwell, the strumpets and raggamuffins of the waterworld beckon you in..
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