Machine 100: Echoplex & Post Scriptum (Live)

  • Machine clock up their first century with the Australian debut of shady, bleepy producer Post Scriptum plus one of Poland's most enduring techno heads, Echoplex.
  • After 9 years of blood, sweat and techno, innumerable punters through the door, two brief hiatus’s, one major venue renovation, events over two floors, indoors, outdoors, the backyard, killer collabs with erstwhile competition, the launch of a label, a raft of guests from all over the country and every corner of the globe; after all of this, we’ve somehow racked up 100 parties. That is as of Machine 100 on Saturday 21st July. To celebrate we have 2 international acts and another team up with SILO Productions who are co-branded on this one with us. Sharing the love, and drilling down into both organisations core. Making for a bigger, better, more dynamic show reflective of this milestone. Over two levels with independent Function One rigs, and one great big back yard space, we bring you: ECHOPLEX (Synewave / Arts) & POST SCRIPTUM (Sonic Groove / Infrastructure NY). From SILO: David Mummery and AsN0t and from Machine: Andrew Till and Simon Slieker ECHOPLEX A mainstay of techno circles worldwide for over 20 years, Echoplex has developed a reputation as one of electronic music's most unique artists across a variety of styles and aliases. With a discography stretching into triple digits across labels like Synewave, ARTS, Soma and Soleil, Echoplex has toured throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas, rocking festival crowds and headlining massive club-nights with grooves that honour techno's legacy while looking to it’s future. Full bio to come... POST SCRIPTUM playing LIVE A shadowy figure, forging links to the techno underground, Post Scriptum emerged as a fresh and fully formed identity in 2015 via his deep-dive debut album Post Scriptum 01 on Function's legendary Infrastructure NY record label. Twisting his tunnelling take on mind-expanding techno into sleek cuts equally adept at captivating long-play listeners and big-room ravers, Post Scriptum further honed his craft with appearances on Ostgut Ton, Berghain 07 and the Facticity compilation alongside such industrial techno luminaries as Silent Servant and Vatican Shadow. 2017 saw an even bolder step forward into the realms of bass-heavy power-noise and more surprising song-writing structures via the Until You Drop EP, released on Adam X's legendary Sonic Groove label. Fitting effortlessly into a roster which includes fellow veterans of various genres like Orphx and Blush Response, this release sill manages to strike out in directions rarely heard in today's BPM-focused four-to-the-floor scene, influenced by an ever-evolving live set-up. Full bio to come... AsN0t AsN0t rides across formats like a Zen master. His is the rare combination of experienced traditionalist and modern frontiersman. Growing up with vinyl in hand he earned a reputation as an adept and precise technician. Into the future he rode on the back of controllers and a digital revolution: Loop theory, deconstruction of parts in the creation of the new; concepts marking the new dj terrain. His explorations have taken in the depths of dub, experimental, noise, ambient and world. The sound that is truest to heart and worn on the sleeve is the deeper side of techno. AsN0t’s mix is compelling, rhythm and groove, interspersed with the crackle and hiss from a fire burning bright. His is a wandering mystery; what he seems to be may not be. Take him as is, or then again, perhaps AsN0t. DAVID MUMMERY (SILO Productions). Co-founder of SILO Productions David Mummary (originally from England) is one of the most experienced and technically accomplished DJ’s in Melbourne. His sets are layered, textured, seamless and always created appropriately to the time slot and the room. Mummery delivers tightly woven masterpieces of layered orchestration. This is the techno of a skilled choreographer of tunes; and guaranteed in the equation is the interest he keeps up in the mind, the shuffling of the feet and vibrations through the body. Part and parcel with SILO, he’s a large part of why we’d want to collaborate. ANDREW TILL Andrew Till is known for being an innovator: a stylist whose sets are part conjuring act, part act of persuasion: a composite of timing and compositional balance. He mesmerizes with beautifully realized structure and broadens horizons with his call to war: the tension of being swept up in the familiar, and dropped into the unknown. As a dj, and repertoire manager, Andrew Till’s success marks him as elite. His legacy has earned a legion of fans the world over. In 2018 Andrew Till continues to deliver forward thinking electronic music as an artist, dj, A&R, manager and mentor. His vast dedication to the development and progression of the culture that became an industry is his inspiration and motivation. SIMON SLIEKER "Western society is conditioned into a certain way of being. We’re constantly being removed from our sense of connection: to ourselves, to each other, to the planet. There is a great danger in this, that through our disconnection we’ve circumvented the conscience that could prevent much unnescessary and indiscriminate carnage. It’s my belief that in the raw form of dance exists the primal thread of connection. I’m one of many who together make up a movement given to drawing that thread through the eye of the needle. It’s up to us all to drive that needle home, deep into the fabric of our future. That’s what it’s about for me; that’s where I’m at.” Machine is a techno club with the vibe of an arts precinct. Run by electronic music veterans Andrew Till and Simon Slieker, the club attracts quality artists from around the country and the world. Spread over two levels each with topflight Function One sound systems and an enormous open garden area, there is always differentiation between cold and hot, hard and soft, dark and light, dry and wet, distinct and indistinct; Machine exists in this duality and celebrates the diversity it affords: old and young, queer and not, gendered and not, clear and murky. We invite you into the mix for the nighttime adventures to come. Machine at My Aeon, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick. 10pm - 6am // Photo ID Required Tickets more on the door
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