Jasper James

  • Venue
    • Festae Omotesando Building B1F, 3-18-19 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062 Japan
  • Date
    Sat, 18 Aug 2018
    23:00 - 05:00
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  • Attending
    • 18
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    =ROOM1= Jasper James (Optimo Trax / Play It Say It) JOMMY okadada Frankie $ (HNH / N.O.S.) =ROOM2= BARCH stonevibes crew (naka-G/kasapone/kazusa/koichiro) Ryosuke Fukunaga (TNP)
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  • 【 Seth Troxler、Jackmasterが認めるUKのブライテストホープ、Jasper James 】 UKから現れた新たな才能、Jasper Jamesの初来日公演が決定!Seth Troxlerのレーベルからのリリース、ロンドンの人気クラブPhonoxでのレジデント、Gerd Janson、Jackmaster、Optimo、Craig Richardsなどの人気DJとのB2Bを経てResident AdvisorのTop 100 DJにランクされたハウス界の新星だ! グラスゴーの人気クラブSub Clubでの最年少での出演記録を持つJasper Jamesは父親も地元の人気DJであり13歳からDJを習っていたというサラブレット。年齢以上の才能を持ったDJ/プロデューサーとして、FabricやThe Warehouse Project、Smartbar、Luxなどの世界的なクラブや、昨年の夏のイビザ、ホームともいえるグラストンベリーフェスでのDJプレイを通して、自身のブランドを築き上げていった。 Optimo Trax、Leftroom、そしてSeth TroxlerのPlay It Say It等の人気レーベルからのリリース作品も好評で、UKのみならずイビザでの成功を果たし、今ではアムステルダムに拠点を移し精力的に世界に向けて実力を見せつけている期待の新星の初来日公演は見逃せない! A rising star from the UK scene, who's received accolades from Seth Troxler and Jackmaster, DJ and producer Jasper James is set to perform at Omotesando VENT! Fresh talent coming out of the UK House scene, Jasper James has locked in his first performance in Japan, at VENT! He's released works through Seth Troxler's label, and is a resident at popular Brixton club Phonox. He's done back-to-back sets with acclaimed DJs like Gerd Janson, Jackmaster, Optimo, and Craig Richards, and even broke into the Resident Advisor's Top 100 DJs. He was the youngest person to ever perform at Glasgow's top club, SubClub - his father is also a popular DJ in the local scene (DJing is literally in his blood!) He's been on the decks since the ripe old age of 13! His skill certainly surpasses his age, and it shows with a track record of DJing at world-class bars, such as Fabric, the Warehouse Project, Smartbar, and Lux, among others. Not to mention, doing a stint in Ibiza last summer, as well as performing at the famed Glastonbury Fest. He's dropped tracks on labels like Optimo Trax, Leftroom, and Seth Troxler's “Play It Say It” to much acclaim and has proven to have been a success in not only the UK, but in Ibiza. Currently, Jasper has moved his base of operations to Amsterdam to conitnue to build connection within the industy. Be sure not to miss the fresh new face of the UK House seen as he makes his very first appearance in Japan, at VENT! [ Resident Advisorイベント参加 ] で¥500 OFF ディスカウント実施中! 参加ボタンでディスカウントゲスト登録完了です。 ※当日エントランスにて参加画面をご提示ください。  Attend the RA event for ¥500 off !! Click " Attend " and you are on discount list !! ※You MUST show your mobile phone screen of attending the event page at the entrance. ※VENTでは、20歳未満の方や、写真付身分証明書をお持ちでない方のご入場はお断りさせて頂いております。ご来場の際は、必ず写真付身分証明書をお持ち下さいます様、宜しくお願い致します。尚、サンダル類でのご入場はお断りさせていただきます。予めご了承下さい。 ※Must be 20 or over with Photo ID to enter. Also, sandals are not accepted in any case. Thank you for your cooperation.
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