Strøm Rave: Smerz Præsenterer

  • Strøm Rave: Smerz presents Smerz The duo Smerz consists of Catharina Stoltenberg og Henriette Motzfeldt from Norway, who's been a part of the underground scene in Copenhagen for the last few years. In 2016 the duo released their debut EP ‘Okey’ on the danish label Escho, and in March their second EP 'Have fun' was released on the legendary indie label XL Recordings. In Smerz' pop universe they work with feelings of indifference, uncertainty and restlessness in a dark, twisted version of our cosmopolitan reality. For Strøm Rave they have invited the American new-rave artist Isabella, the German DJ Lena Willikens and our own Solid Blake. Lineup → Smerz (Live) → Lena Willikens → Solid Blake → Isabella (Live) Date: Lørdag d. 11. August Time: 23-07 Place: KPH Volume, Enghavevej 80, 2450 København Door: 160,- kr. Presale: 150,- kr. + gebyr Agelimit: 18+
  • Strøm Rave: Smerz Præsenterer - Flyer front