Tekknozid - Oldschool Rave Start 21 Uhr

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    * Quazar (from Amsterdam live) * Olivier Pieters (Boccaccio/Belgium) * DJ Disko (Planet//Berlin) * Tanith (Tekknozid/Berlin) * WolleXDP (Tekknozid/Berlin) * Der Würfler (Walfisch/Planet/Bunker/Berlin) * Oldschool Laser Inferno by LASA Berlin * Tekknozid Strobo Hell "Classic Afterhour" (until the end sunday 11:59 am)
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  • tekkno(zid) is the wildest & primarily mix of house, newbeat, acid, electro, gabber, trance, breakbeats, ebm and many more... just all underground styles of electronic dance music. we call it "techno"! The first Quazar record was 'Seven Stars'. It was picked up by a broad audience (even mellow-oriented DJ's played it), but it was definitely a milestone for hard (euro) techno. Quazar rose to "world fame in The Netherlands", when they were featured in the classic documentary, 'House gewoon uit je dak', in the Impact series by the Dutch VARA-television. Later attempts were made to appeal to a more general audience. Their tracks became more song-like in format, and vocals (by Farida Merville) got more emphasis. Olivier Pieters is on of the most famous and respectable Belgian DJ at that time, he was the resident DJ playing every sunday at "Boccaccio" in Destelbergen (Belgium) from the late 80's until the club closed in the end of 1993.
  • Tekknozid - Oldschool Rave Start 21 Uhr - Flyer front