Chunk with DEBONAIR B2B Eclair Fifi

  • Don't miss DEBONAIR and Eclair Fifi trading killer tunes for the first time in history.
  • Chunk (noun) Definition: a thick, solid piece of something. Whether it's house, techno, or anything else in between, if it's chunk, it's big.. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Following on from our last b2b2b with Madam X, we thought we'd keep things on a partnership tip and for July's edition of Chunk we're bringing you a world exclusive meeting of minds. For the first time ever NTS stalwarts DEBONAIR and Eclair Fifi will be exchanging power cuts with a fiery 3 hour, b2b set. Both are selectors we love going to see play: They're daring and trusted DJs who don't stay put in one box, in fact, they tear the box up and throw it to the side. It was a no-brainer to get these two together for a merging of sounds and styles so we're thrilled they're down for the vibe. Joining them are your favourite Chunk residents and brothers in arms, Funster & Hutch, who this time will be joined by the Spanish dynamo David Conde. Expect heat. Possibly the most exciting night of music we've served up yet. We'll see you in the basement.
  • Chunk with DEBONAIR B2B Eclair Fifi - Flyer front
    Chunk with DEBONAIR B2B Eclair Fifi - Flyer back