Say Yes x Silicon Kure: Tobias. [Live]

  • Venue
    OIL Club
    • 11A Ground Floor, Tairan Mansion, Tairan 8th Rd, Futian District Shenzhen
  • Date
    Sat, 16 Jun 201822:00 - 05:00
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    • 14
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    Tobias. (live) Ostgut Ton Non Standard Productions Berlin Tomasz Guiddo Compost Records Beats In Space Vinylhouse Sam Lai
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  • Tobias. returns to Ostgut Ton with his third full length Eyes In The Center and expands the musical narrative laid out by his Helium Sessions EP. The Berghain resident keeps exploring the vast modular synth-driven Techno, Experimental and Ambient territories on a journey in-between genres. Tobias is long established as an influential artist and has – since the early 1990s – been working as a professional producer, sound engineer, label owner and strictly live musician. Besides his early solo projects (such as Pink Elln, Metazone or Phobia) he’s also been collaborating with Dandy Jack (as Sieg Über Die Sonne), Ricardo Villalobos (as Odd Machine), Max Loderbauer (as NSI.), Valentina Berthelon (as Recent Arts) and AtomTM to only name a few. With his vast experience, diverse output and interests, Tobias. doesn’t tire to actively push against existing boundaries and explore new areas of electronic music. On Eyes In The Center Tobias. sticks to this mantra. The album, instead of following a stringent musical concept, channels a certain attitude and sovereignty fed by almost three decades of Tobias. expanding his skills in music production, in their entirety the 12 songs work as a raw, unpolished collage and evoke the spirit of (Post) Punk and the more experimental niches of electronic music. Think Chrome, Residents and Throbbing Gristle – but not Kraftwerk. Or think The Human League, Yellow Magic Orchestra and Der Plan, but think more in terms of musical attitudes and concepts rather than past sound aesthetics. Even though Freund still owns the same Roland TR-808 he bought from his first wage in the mid 1980s (when he worked as sound engineer at FAR Studios owned by Frank Farian) his studio machine park has significantly evolved and got a lot more refined since. With all these machine at hand Tobias. opted for limiting the gear used during the making of Eyes In The Center to avoid losing himself in possibilities. But it's all there: the slender, multi-layered, hypnotic club-ready Techno cuts that dominate his live sets at Berghain and at clubs and festivals around the globe, leftfield jams that dodge clear stylistic classification and the very atmospheric, intimate and introverted ambient listening pieces. 和Say Yes曾两度邀请的Berghain元老驻场Boris一样, Tobias. 是Ostgut Ton旗下专攻LIVE的一员大将, 其作品的原创性和独特性, 无可复制。他的创作历程可追溯到八九十年代, 当时他是德国传奇制作人Frank Farian的高级工作室里一位专业录音师,有更多机会可以接触更多更为复杂和罕见的音乐器材,也让他对混音台上的种种了解至深。当Tobias. 把工作重心从大众音乐转向地下音乐后,他的化名就像是对德国电子音乐的盘点:Metazone、Zoon、Phobia,特别是Pink Elln。 当Tobias感到自己的作品已具备一定影响力, 时机也较为成熟时, 他便开始全力以赴用本名发行作品: 通过淋漓精致的多种风格现场,在Acid、Ambient、Techno之间保持律动性,并尽可能多的展现细节来影响保持对舞池的冲击感。2006年, 他成立了自己的厂牌Non Standard Productions, 厂牌理念就像名称所传达的那样, 用于发行他和同僚制作的一些"非标准"作品。上世纪末,作为专业制作人, 录音师, 厂牌主理人, 现场表演艺术家的他, 可以说是德国电子文化的标杆,世界各地Club不可或缺的知名音乐人。 Tobias从八十年代起就与众多同样优秀的音乐人开展各项合作,并以组合形式巡演,如Von Ese / Hypnobeat, 与 Dandy Jack组建的Sieg Über Die Sonnegraced, 和 Max Loderbauer 合作项目nsi... 当然还有非常值得一提的Odd Machine, 与资深老将Ricardo Villalobos强强联手, 以及Uwe Schmidt aka Atom™(同样也是一位以LIVE表演形式著称的制作人)。 2016年, Tobias和妻子— 视觉艺术家Valentina Berthelon合作LIVE双人组Recent Arts: 分别负责视觉和音乐, 并受邀在Berlin Atonal音乐节主舞台演出。2018年6月初又刚在Berghain的Säule举办了专场活动, 呈现了他们的最新项目: 真可谓天生一对, 干活不累! 制作和混音方面的合作对象包括 Efdemin, Cassy, Ellen Allien, Los Updates, Delano Smith, 厂牌Sähkö, Playhouse, Ongaku, Cadenza, Perlon, Logistic, Wagon Repair, Mule Musiq, 还有Ostgut Ton。这些当然都仅仅是冰山一角。 这么多年过去, 少年已变成大叔, 但 Tobias. 从未停止过创作和发行, 依旧活跃在第一线, 不断呈现一波又一波惊喜。近几年, 除了前面提到在大本营Ostgut Ton发表EP 《Helium Sessions》和全长新专《Eyes In The Center》, 今年, 2018年初, Efdemin在Curle Recordings的合辑项目中也出现了Tobias.的作品《Keep Me Insane》。2月, 在The Bunker New York 为庆祝15周年发行的合辑《15 Years Of The Bunker》中, Tobias. 也贡献了作品 《 Impossbile》。毕竟他曾作为Bunker派对最受欢迎的嘉宾之一多次受邀演出, 15周年纪念发行自然不能少了他的参与。 Tobias了解音乐从由里到外的一切,并知道如何运用各种设备去创作他想要的音乐。但也是在这么多年里, 他始终没有舍弃Roland TR-808鼓机, 并带着他去创作, 去传播,通过复杂而扣人心弦的编排, 放送迷人的音乐,让人们为之倾听, 为之跳舞, 为音乐的整个生命带来创新。相信曾亲临2016年巡演现场的每一位, 都明显感受到Tobias.作为一位技艺超群的老手, 对于可听性与舞池氛围的之间的平衡和掌控是如此地浑然天成。Tobias可能不是循规蹈矩的艺术家,但他却让很多人循“他”蹈矩。这次携带新作归来, 势必又是一场充满惊喜, 令人无比期待的音乐旅程, 只等你快速购买车票和我们一同搭乘。
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