ЦЕХ with Pacou, Nene H, Vaia etc

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    ТЕХFLOOR Pacou (Tresor) Germany Nene H * LIVE (Bedouin Records) Turkey Vaia * LIVE (BIT Records Mexico) Uruguay NGC-5128 (Ritmika) Latvia Deme (Affect) Ukraine Subforms (Affect) Ukraine SUB125BPM STAGE Dipswitch (Roots'n'Fruits) Switzerland Vaia (BIT Records Mexico) Uruguay Arseniy (Resonance) Ukraine Amistad (Template) Ukraine Stich (Deeplimit) Ukraine Funky Roger (Module) Ukraine Aah&less (Punkt) Ukraine EXPERIMENTAL CHAMBER Tatratank * LIVE (AVA Kolektiv) Czech Republic Snediggen Snurssla (AVA Kolektiv) Czech Republic Kumanthong (Ritmika) Scotland Roman Slavka (ТЧ) Ukraine Zelenshum (Black Swans) Ukraine Hordieiev (ТЧ) Ukraine
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  • ЦЕХ Construction Festival & RITMIKA Палац Ілліча, Dnipro 09/06/2018 This time the traditional techno event of Construction festival is conceived in collaboration with Ritmika, going back to the roots with a full-on rave in an abandoned house of culture, the icon of Soviet Constructivism Palace of Illich. The varied lineup, among others, includes the long-time Tresor resident Pacou as well as live performance from the advancing Turkish musician Nene H. In addition to the Texfloor, we will be hosting a wide range of sound in the Experimental Chamber as well as more housey yet offbeat vibes on the SUB125BPM Stage.
  • ЦЕХ with Pacou, Nene H, Vaia etc - Flyer front
    ЦЕХ with Pacou, Nene H, Vaia etc - Flyer back