Spectrum Formosus 2018

  • Spectrum Formosus is back. Building further on the experiences from last year, we decided to change a few things, and leave a few things as they are. We will be back at the same location as last year, but a month earlier, so that this time the sun is around. The focus of the festival will be once more on Taiwan’s thriving music scene, ranging from experimental acts, to local folk dances, drag queens, and all in between. Yet this year we decided to expand our reach. We will host a platform for developing artists to foster the art, cultural and musical climate on our island. So please send your demos, projects, photos, video art and any other things you deem interesting. We will launch for call participants soon, so keep an eye out for further info. Furthermore, we aim to provide musical workshops, literary corners and other art, media and cultural projects, truly embracing the spectrum of Taiwan’s art, cultural and musical scenes. Of course, as always, and as you can expect from Smoke Machine, we will have a program of quality electronic acts. Hailing from Lebanon, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, among others, we seek to provide a truly global, well-formed spectrum of upcoming and established artists. In an age in which nationalism and closemindness still seem to prevail, and thrive even, we seek to offer a counter experience. A safe space for all of those who support/seek/cherish liberty, openness, love, inclusiveness. A space where those are welcome, regardless of race, background, sexual preference and gender identity. So please join us for another Spectrum weekender, and cherish the love, music and liberty.
  • Spectrum Formosus 2018 - Flyer front