Trouble Vision with Avalon Emerson, Call Super & Or:la

  • A pretty mind-melting lineup here! Call Super and Avalon Emerson can each be credited for bringing genuinely creative and novel approaches to their DJing, which is no mean feat in 2018.
  • August’s edition of Trouble Vision is set to zest. A citric lineup of certified dance floor greats descend on Corsica Studios bringing a slice of shiver inducing cool to cut through the summer haze. Avalon Emerson and Or:la form the tangerine dream team putting the squeeze on Room 1. They are two red-hot track pickers with sub-tropical intensity and firebrand selection. Call Super heads up Room 2, pushing the mercury with support from Colombian-born Julio Victoria for a Super Soaker dousing of Vitamin D (for Dancing). Residents Mr. Solid Gold and OK Jones are those lip smacking juicy bits packed with flavour. See you on the dance floor, it’s going to be sweltering! ================================================= Trouble Vision are partnering with the All Ears campaign. We’re working together to prevent you from developing tinnitus when clubbing. Alpine’s high-fidelity earplugs are now available from behind the bar at Corsica. They contain special music filters, so music and conversations remain crystal clear. Reserve your Earplugs here -
  • Trouble Vision with Avalon Emerson, Call Super & Or:la - Flyer front