The Amplified Kitchen: for Sale

  • "For Sale" - Feminism, a Marketing Tool? the talk series "the amplified kitchen" starts it's 2018 edition with the hot topic: "for sale - feminism - a marketing tool?" on the panel Susanne Kirchmayr (Electric Indigo), Caominh McAllister (We make Waves) and Discwoman's Stud1nt discuss about sources and developments of feminist positions in clubculture and why it seems to be en vogue to call out chauvinism only on social medias. is that the only option or what other methods can be used to change society to more gender diversity. the discussion will be held in english, is moderated by Christine Kakaire (RA), japanese food will be served by ROKO Berlin and Ena Lind is framing the whole event musically. doors: 19:00 discussion: 20:00 moderation: Christine Kakaire (RA) food: ROKU Berlin music: Ena Lind (Sound Warriors) funded by Musicboard Berlin GmbH.
  • The Amplified Kitchen: for Sale - Flyer front