Antidote x Krach

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    Stephen Brown LIVE + DJ (Djax-Up-Beats / a.r.t.less) Terrace LIVE (Djax-Up-Beats / Eevo Lute Muzique) Laksa (Ilian Tape / Timedance) Prantel (Antidote / Griessmuehle) Tymotica (Ruffhouse / Stützpunkt) Adlas (Krach) DJ Ion (Krach / Levitation) Jackie G & Tizian (Zosse) SSD (Soviet Space Dog)
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  • Antidote invites Krach over to Griessmuehle for a final throwdown before the project started by Adlas & DJ Ion in 2015 will come to an end. Djax Up legends Stephen Brown & Terrace are flanked by newcomers Laksa & Tymotica to form a line up encompassing everything both parties stand for. Adlas, DJ Ion & Antidote boss Prantel will support their guests along with SSD and since it wouldn’t be a proper farewell without the Zosse crew, Jackie G and Tizian will be taking care of the final hours in the Wintergarden.
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