Cervello Elettronico, Heidi Sabertooth, PulseWidthMod, Bastet

  • Venue
    • 1090 Wyckoff Ave, Queens, NY 11385, United States
  • Date
    Fri, 22 Jun 2018
    19:00 - 23:00
  • Promoter
    Chthonic Streams
  • Attending
    • 5
  • Chthonic Streams presents : L I V E S E T S : CERVELLO ELETTRONICO (Los Angeles / HANDS) https://cervelloelettronico.bandcamp.com/ The brainchild of Los Angeles based producer David Christian, who has made himself a name with numerous live shows in North America and Europe at important festivals like Maschinenfest, Schlagstrom (Berlin), Wave Gotik Treffen, Slimelight(UK), Planet Myer Day, and Storm Party(NL). The prolific musician has produced remixes for the likes of KMFDM, Leæther Strip, Wumpscut, and Terrorfakt on labels Industrial Strength, Metropolis, Dependent, and Alfa Matrix. There have also been well-received releases on Crunch Pod, Rustblade, and the latest on HANDS Productions. HEIDI SABERTOOTH (NYC / Lost Soul Enterprises) https://lostsoulenterprises.bandcamp.com/album/heidi-sabertooth-neu-u NYC-based singer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer Heidi Sabertooth has a serious love for hardware. Grit-laced drum loops, vintage acid and a tide of unruly sound clatters forth from her studio. She's been creating her unique brand of avant electronics since 2012 and she shares it with the world on her Newtown Radio show Deep Dive and her Techno Support Group residency at Bossa Nova Civic Club. Her highly lauded live hardware performances and vinyl-heavy dj sets have cemented her own place among NYC’s techno community and beyond, sharing the stage with the likes of DJ Spider, Umfang, Ital, Ellen Allien, Broken English Club, Lucy and more. Her debut solo EP on Motor Records was released in September 2017, a second EP 'Neu U' was released on vinyl for Lost Soul Enterprises in April 2018. Upcoming releases on Kraftjerkz and Serotonin are scheduled for release in Summer/Fall 2018, as well as a collaboration with NYC experimental folk duo Opal Onyx due on Tin Angel Records. PULSEWIDTHMOD (Baltimore / DETROIT UNDERGROUND) https://detund.bandcamp.com/album/serpentine-servitude Menacing mechanized drum beats, coupled with pleasingly disorienting melodies, leaves the listener with a sense of urgency. She is known in her hometown of Baltimore for being vocal against the abuse of power which gives her sound a sense of tension that’s energizing in nature. Her live performances offer an energetic listen for those seeking a visceral dance experience. This year she joined the label Detroit Underground (DETUND) and released the 12-inch EP Serpentine Servitude, which this show serves as the release party for. She has recently joined Ohm Resistance on their 7” subscription series & has two more EPs in the works for this summer. BASTET (Baltimore) https://soundcloud.com/bastet909 Bastet is a live electronic music performer and DJ, based in Baltimore. Her live set is coarse-grained and atmospheric, developing a slow-burning, hypnotic groove. Each set is a search for transcendental moments, meditations on texture and minimalism that can be created through electronic music. DJ DEREK RUSH Native New Yorker, operator of the Chthonic Streams label (and sometime local booking concern), musician, and DJ of a fairly wide variety of underground styles, mostly centering on the dark and the electronic. In everything, the goal is to establish and sustain a cohesive mood while exploring diversity within that.
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