Coded Matter(s): Big Bias

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    Zach Blass (UK), Mimi Onuoha(US), Femke Snelting (BE). Moderation and introduction by Tijmen Schep (NL).
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  • Coded Matter(s) returns to explore Worldbuilding in 2018. Big Bias is the first of three Coded Matter(s) events. BIG BIAS How is it possible that a ‘smart’ soap dispenser does not recognize a black man’s hand? Why are predictive policing outcomes often pre-determined against minority groups? Coded Matter(s): Big Bias – the first edition of Coded Matter(s) 2018 – introduces the audience to the data-driven processes and automated technologies that are radically changing our world. There is a widely held belief that the machines we use are neutral. But the data they learn with is often fake, incomplete or exclusionary. The resulting effect is that these technologies amplify, rather than rectify, the inequalities that exist in our society. With the rise of big data we are seeing a rapid development of AI and machine learning systems. These ‘smart’ technologies are already embedded within the interaction designs of internet platforms and commercial products and are quickly changing our systems of governance, policing and public services. Big Bias explores what role artists, designers, researchers and companies play in addressing these ethical issues. The announced speakers are artist/queer-theorist Zach Blas (UK) and artist, coder and writer Mimi Onuoha (US), whose works are aimed at critically investigating and changing these developments and Femke Snelting (BE). Moderation and introduction by privacy expert Tijmen Schep. YEAR THEME: WORLDBUILDING Big Bias is one of three Coded Matter(s) events that explores the craft of Worldbuilding. The act of Worldbuilding is the creation of narrative frameworks in which fictional - or envisioned - societies, social interactions, technologies and identities are anchored. Derived from a long history of science-fiction writing and transmedia storytelling in TV and film culture, FIBER now explores contemporary iterations of Worldbuilding proposed by the arts and humanities. Our goal is to present critical reflections and propose alternative applications of present day technologies to dream-up new cultural constructs and communities. ABOUT CODED MATTER(S) Coded Matter(s) is FIBER’s ongoing events series that explores various forms of digital culture, artistic and critical application of code and digital technologies and the role of interdisciplinary artists and thinkers. FIBER is supported by the Creative Industry Fund NL (Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie), the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst) and Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond. Mimi Onuoha's visit to The Netherlands is supported by Het Nieuwe Instituut Visitors Program.
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