Climate of Fear: DJ Sprinkles & PLO Man

  • DJ Sprinkles meets PLO at the Greenhouse uptown. Four point Funktion One by System.out Sound 8+ hours of intensive immersion From NYC-Berlin Climate of Fear It will exhaust you. And there will be no reward. And by most social standards it will make you a worse person rather than a better one. And there is no romantic underdog side to being a worse person. And there will be no escaping the feelings of shame, failure and worthlessness. But it just may minimize the violence you enact on others through your naturalized alliances with domination; although this is also unclear since you would still be destroying along the way - destroying oneself and others. But you will be aware of the knives in your own hands, and aware of how poorly you wield them. And I'm sorry to say, all things considered, that is as encouraging as I can be.
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  • Climate of Fear: DJ Sprinkles & PLO Man - Flyer front