Saturnalia 2018

  • Macao, one of Europe's most vital and spectacular music venues, hits its peak during Saturnalia.
  • ♄ From Saturday morning at 06:00 a.m. to Sunday morning at 12:00 a.m. ------------ Line up: Anal Virginity Angoisse As Longitude (live) BNNT (live) Cõvco Cygni (live) Dj Balli Dj Scud Education (live) Electric Indigo (live a/v) Elvin Brandhi (live) Female:Pressure (talk) Franco Nanni presents: Elicoide (live) Giesse b2b Meze Giorgio Dursi (live) G.O.M. (live) Heith (live) Helm (live) Justin Randolph Thompson (performance/lecture) Kahn & Neek present: Gorgon Grime Kamixlo Kobra (live) Lakker Leeza (video installation) Les Giants Locust / Mark Van Hoen (live) Lucta (live) Mother Mount Fog (live) MSHR (live) nevrland (live) Nicolas Gaunin (live) Phill Niblock & Thomas Ankersmit (live a/v) Primordial Ooze Proyecto Unià (live) Scardanelli Sense Fracture b2b Hashamir Serena Butler b2b Arcangelo Shiva Feshareki (live) Small But Hard Takeover w/ Genghis, Dj Die Soon, Dj Scotch Bonnett Nyege Nyege Tapes presents Sounds Of Sisso w/ Bamba Pana & Makavelli S.H.I.T. (live) Teresa Winter (live) The Lowest Form (live) Thomas Brinkmann & Seijiro Murayama (live) Valerio Maiolo (workshop) VISIO (live) Wetware (live) Wisecrack (live) ------------ Since its inception, it was clearly stated that Saturnalia wasn’t to be just another musical festival. We set out to generate a kind of experience that would both set apart from reality and reverberate through it, affecting it with positive change. Each Saturnalia has been a step further into the development of a proper community. One not just willing to experiment with sound, music and art but also to invent new ways of constructing a shared experience. The core values of self-organization and inclusivity do not function as pseudo-ideological embelishments, they are the modes of interaction we want to critically infect the world. As the world keeps on changing, we remodel our methods of resistance, deconstruction and affirmation. This year we decided to ditch yet another established formula, mixing and repurposing bits of the rave format with a polymorphic approach that allows for exploration and discovery. A continuous, 30-hour experience adrift through the space of Macao and through radically different sonic worlds. A safe space for diversity and personal expression, but also an ever-evolving place of action and encounter. One that will channel the individual sensibilities of each participant, their desires, energies and drives. ------------ Ingresso: 10€ Prevendite salta-coda disponibili a Macao nel pomeriggio di Giovedì 21 e Venerdì 22. Entry: 10€ Presales available only at Macao on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 afternoon - they will allow you to jump the queue at the entrance. For any additional info reach us at: [email protected]
  • Saturnalia 2018 - Flyer front