Universal Love 002

  • Hi Friend, Back in February, we hosted our first Love Injection fundraiser on the eve of our third anniversary. We tried our hardest to create an atmosphere that felt warm, inviting, and a place you could settle into and both enjoy and discover new and old music. We chose a place that's dear to us, Magick City, which is a multipurpose space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn that shares the same values as we do about community and quality of sound. We called it a fundraiser, but what came of it felt like the start of something else. We're calling the party UNIVERSAL LOVE – you might recognize the name from t-shirts we've made over the last few months. It's inadvertently morphed into a sort of a mission statement for us. A Declaration of Universal Love really sums up the intention of the things we make. The next party is Saturday June 2nd, once again at Magick City located at 37 Box St, Brooklyn, NY 11222. The hours are 10pm til late (at least 4am). Our hope is to once again create an intimate, freeing experience in a safe environment. Walk through that metal door, and enter a realm that inspires you to love those next to you. Free of the bullshit on the other side. Our little utopia. Paul Raffaele & Barbie Bertisch are your musical hosts. Suggested donation in advance is $10, and $15 at the door. You can get yours now here. All proceeds will support Love Injection, our monthly print fanzine. We hope to see you again on the 2nd. With love, Paul & Barbie Of all the physical modalities, music most activates the life energy and uplifts the soul. Only pure love can do more. – John Diamond M.D.'s, "The Life Energy In Music"
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