Treetops presents Kerri Chandler

  • A three-hour session with one of the architects of deep house, at a venue that encourages you to let your freak flag fly.
  • Come one, come all, Experience the mysterious magical marvels of the world at ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR!! Join us for an evening of magical flourishes and paranormal approximations. ::: Costumes Suggested ::: Calling all costumes to the show such as: rabbits in hats, chained assistants, disappearing/reappearing doves...perhaps a giant playing card who prompts the question, “IS this your card? IS IT?” Or simply dress in formal and vintage eveningwear to honor the magic of the night. See more inspiration here: Incantations abound! Sesame's that open! Behind door number A we give you: The Incomparable Kerri Chandler- Master Magician The Great Eric Holt Dopeshoes, Mentalist Extraordinaire Wizard Ben Cormier Skaldi, Arcane Mystic Kelso, The Conjurer All here to levitate your dancing feet. AMAZING. How do your feet do that? IT’S MAGIC!!
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