The END. Sect III: - Ele_mental 25th Anniversary

  • Monday 28 May 2018 HELIC.AL presents THE END Section III + Aluminum: an ele_mental 25 year anniversary HELIC.AL presents THE END Sect III: live Cindytalk This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, The Freeze, Bambule 4AD, Editions Mego, Midnight Music, Praxis DEBUT US APPEARANCE: Eric Random  Nico + The Faction, Cabaret Voltaire, The Tiller Boys, The Pressure Company Mute, Les Disques Du Crépuscule, Doublevision, LTM, New Hormones / Factory, Dark Entries Das Ding Tear Apart Tapes, Minimal Wave Artefactos de Dolor Vertical Silence Interval  Möthersky Force Placement ele_mental presents Aluminium: special guest selectors TRAXX Anthony Shake Shakir Titonton Duvanté Ed Luna live  Archetyp FBK Todd Sines as cron performing  “scalable_architectures” art / projection / installation Egill Karlsson Andries Boekelman Todd Sines On 21 May 1993. the first of a series of ele_mental events were launched, at an Ohio State University parking garage, launching the careers of many midwestern electronic musicians; from Dieselboy to Titonton. Their next event, Comfort, with almost a thousand attendees, crystallized their long-standing association with Detroit's own Jon Santos, Brian Gillespie, Claude Young Jr. / Claude Young, Anthony Shakir, Mack Goudy Jr., and by nature, Daniel Bell, Carl Craig / Carl Craig, UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE and more. ele_mental's core has consistency challenged the notion of art, movement, and music, with their later active_not_passive ambient series, ele_ment series of live concerts with influencers and the influenced, a collaboration with FIREXIT's Matt Clausen, Daniel McMahon Art, bringing The Rapture, Mouse on Mars, Tortoise's Chicago Underground Duo, OVAL, Monolake and POLE. In recent years, after their moves to NYC, Arch E Typ and Todd Sines continued to push into new territory, with the launch of their band, INTERVAL featuring close friend Andries Boekelman; in their quest for the right fit for a label, they launched HELIC.AL, a response to creating long-last artifacts of pure analog / physical recordings; and their new projects Artefactos De Dolor with Beyond Booking (The Bunker)'s Alyssa Barrera / LDY OSC, and VerticalSilence, a new post-punk project from Charles Noel. As HELIC.AL explores new dimensions in form, space, and sound, they make a concerted effort to connect with the sounds of yesterday as they still infer the sounds of tomorrow. We honorably welcome the performance of Cinder Flame / Gordon Sharp [ex- The Freeze, This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins] as Cindytalk, whose haunting, chilling, gender-fluid voice has been the soundtrack for many of us for over 30 years. Eric Random has had an equally influential position in the annals of industrial music, having recorded with Cabaret Voltaire Official as The Pressure Company, Nico as The Faction, The Tiller Boys, in addition to his own unique, angular psych dub / funk under the Eric Random umbrella. With re-releases due on Josh Cheon's Dark Entries, Rud Steiner's SLEEPERS RECORDS, and forthcoming studio time with Todd + Charles of HELIC.AL, Eric's well on his way to making more sonic memories. Veronica Vasicka / Veronica Vasicka re-opened the doors for Danny Bosten as Das Ding, a Dutch graphic designer / bedroom synth-producer whose riveting performance with Sean Canterel McBride at one of Wierd Records 's final nights, now, Nothing Changes, left a huge dent in the developing tones of HELIC.AL. From "H.S.T.A." to "sad but true" the Das Ding sound is perfection its effortless, minimal synth charm. Danny now has revitalized his Das Ding project replete with his own modular rig and dozens of tracks on the horizon. Speaking of effortless, Anthony Shake Shakir has made countless sleeper "hit" releases since 1988, but most importantly, his Frictional Recordings imprint —which also began the career of fellow Columbus ele_mental, FBK aka Kevin M. Kennedy. Shake's reception to the Columbus gang has left us in pieces and tears at the same time; we have cherished him from day one. Fellow ele_mental Titonton should need no introduction, but perhaps the most musically gifted of us all [who are a bunch of hacks], Titonton has scored for dance, film, video and obliterated dancefloors around the world with his signature moody chords, funk basslines, and fidget-filled mastery behind computer, controller, CDJ, synthesizer, mixer or turntable; he makes it look like child's play. Admist the dust of the implosion of Body Release, Charles Noel formed 21/22 Corp, whose first release in 1994, as Monochrome, in addition to the Fusion tape compilation, featuring midwestern and UK electronic musicians. Charles will shuffle through 25+ years of time sliced Michael Jackson, Parliament Funkadelic and minimal synth sounds for an exercise in a complete electronic music history. After a series of releases for Daniel Bell's 7th City, Carl Craig's Planet E Communications, and PEACEFROG Records, Todd Sines shifted gears once again to a new project: CRON; his electro project that is finally being reissued this month on Mental Groove. This will be first time this album is performed live, using all hardware.
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