The House Of Red Doors - Deep Space -Tickets Are Available ON The Door/Abendkasse

  • TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR/ABENDKASSE Ground Control to Major Tom, Take your protein pills and put your helmet on, Ground Control to Major Tom, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6... Commencing countdown, engines on ... 5, 4, 3… Check ignition and may God's love be with you... 2, 1, Lift off.... ⍾ Captain’s log. Stardate: 31.05.18 ⍾ Come with the brave explorers aboard the Bad Bruises rocket ship on a journey far beyond the reaches of this planet, into the void, past the Milky Way as we go harder, faster, deeper... can you take it? ⍾ Welcome to DEEP SPACE ⍾ Venturing into the final frontier to new worlds featuring never before known visions of otherworldly beauty, Alien basslines that make you dance like a wild cosmic explosion, feelings of pleasure never thought possible by the human mind... we are boldly going where no one has gone before... let us take you to The House of Red Doors DEEP SPACE. ⍾ PERFORMER LINE UP ⍾ Federica Dauri ReveRso Yeorg Kronnagel Lucille Spielfuchs Julietta LaDoll Chika Takahashi Martini Cherry Furter Tizo All Viva Lamore Hotti De Paris Red Rash Inn Tarot by Morgan Hasenfuß Plus many many more to be announced soon.. ⍾ DRESS CODE ⍾ B-movie beehives, beauties and baddies. Astronauts, Aliens of all kinds never conceived before! Robots, planets, comets, glitter (there is so much glitter in space fyi) or just strip down and come as the beautiful, perfect collection of stardust that you came into this universe as! AS ALWAYS NO STREET CLOTHES ALLOWED ROOM THEMES AND ALL OTHER INFO COMING VERY SOON
  • The House Of Red Doors - Deep Space -Tickets Are Available ON The Door/Abendkasse - Flyer front