Aftrsun Festival 2018

  • Imagine... a world without war, a place where everybody is equal and an environment where dreams, creativity, music & happiness come together... Life’s too short to stop living, loving and laughing, so let's start enjoying each and every second of it... TOGETHER! According to the famous words of Martin Luther King 'I have a dream' and his beliefs that we all are capable of forming a better world, we are going to take you back to the summer of '69, where these ideas and beliefs formed the base for a new Woodstock generation. A new world of peace & love with respect and appreciation, where people are smiling, everything is possible and where the party never ends. Let's make this dream come true by supporting each other, by learning from each other, by really communicating with each other, and by caring about each other. Be the change you want see in the world and join our beliefs & our Woodstock community at Aftrsun festival 2018 !!! One love, one life, one family!
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