All Day I Dream of Park Party People

  • ** PRESALE TICKETS END AT 10am. THERE WILL BE TICKETS FOR SALE AT THE DOOR ATMS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE ******************* ALL DAY I DREAM OF PARK PARTY PEOPLE ******************* Saturday June 30th, 2018 12:30pm - 7pm At Golden Gate Park (Hellman Hollow Meadow), San Francisco. 21+ All Day I Dream After Dark - we are hosting the official ADID after party at the Great Northern 7:30pm - 3am, following Golden Gate Park. We will announce the the line up in the next 2 weeks. **If you purchase tickets to the ADID day-event, you have the option to purchase a ticket to the after party at the Great Northern for an additional $10 to $15. ****************** Mystical melodies hang on the evening breeze as a setting sun illuminates the Golden Gateway which sparkles seductively, far off in the distance. Another magical journey awaits us my friends. Calling out gently from a soon to be Summer. We felt privileged to bring you All Day I Dream in Golden Gate park these past two years. It’s the perfect setting to tell our musical stories in. To dance the afternoon away. So, with great enthusiasm, we announce year three. All Day I Dream of Park Party People. On June 30th Hellman Hollow’s lush surroundings will gently wrap around our hearts and smiles under San Francisco's Sapphire sky. Beginning at 12:30pm guided wellness Yoga begins your afternoon's journey. Following on, explore your own rhythm and sway, to the music of Lee Burridge, Gorje Hewek & IZHEVSKI and Öona Dahl. Each weaving their own musical charm.
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