Swarm Factory Warehouse: Atwt Birthday Nicolas Lutz

  • Swarm Factory presents Automatic Writing’s Birthday : Nicolas Lutz, Secret Guest, Charonne, Jacan & Darween Swarm factory invite automatic writing for celebrate his second birthday. Swarm factory and Automatic Writing join their knowledge (Great organization & Five stars Line up) for prepare an amazing night. The Parisian label Automatic Writing is already produce four Ep in 2 years. This label is not specialize in one kind of electronic music. They work with different trends house, techno or minimal. Automatic Writing continue to grow up with many new artistes like Gab Jr., Charonne, Murphie Cooper, Seuil, Vadim Svoboda, Akufen, Guillermo Jamas, etc. For Swarm factory, this warehouse will be the fifth in 6 months. It will be last warehouse for this season but not the LEAST 😉
  • Swarm Factory Warehouse: Atwt Birthday Nicolas Lutz - Flyer front