Aphotic 4 Year Anniversary

  • Aphotic 4 Year Anniversary FEAT: Blazej Malinowski LIVE [The Gods Planet, Semantica Records, Silent Season, DE] BLNDR US DEBUT [Hypnus Records, Silent Season, Semantica Records, FR] SORAMIMI LIVE [Dusk Notes, Monday Off] The Long Count Cycle Chanski [Aphotic, Monday Off] SPECIAL HAPPY HOUR SETS: 7PM-10:30PM Oliver Caine [Hidden Recordings] Your Grace Adrianna Natalie LIVE ----------------------------------------------------- Don't forget to dress light, we will be sweating! Doors open at 7pm promptly. This allows us to completely stretch out our auditory program and provide you with an extended evening of relentless rhythmic hypnosis. It will be a complete, immersive, transcendent experience. Please do arrive early and enjoy what we’ve put together for you. Will be a fun ride! On that note, feel free to bring your friends who may have not purchased a ticket in advance. There will be plenty of room on the early side but admission will not be guaranteed after 11PM. We know there are some dope options this evening so if you want to hang with us on the early side but still plan on heading to your respective party we will gladly offer you a reduced rate. Just show up before 10pm and show your ticket at the door! RUNNING ORDER Oliver Caine>>>Your Grace Adrianna Natalie>>>Chanski>>>Soramimi>>>BLNDR>>>Blazej Malinowski>>>The Long Count Cycle.
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