• Our penultimate 24/7 party brings us back to RA's homeland and to one of Australia's most iconic venues, featuring some of Melbourne's best talent and a few of our favourite internationals plus talks, films and more.
  • >> Entry after 10pm ticket comes with a pass out. 🚀 That means, for just $50 you get access to the venue for the entire 24 hours. All the DJs, live acts, and our full programme of films and panels yet to be announced. If you don’t have the $50 ticket but fancy a disco nap, a different ticket type will be able to purchase pass outs during the event. >> We’re not done just yet with the line-up. Keep your eyes open for very special international headliner incoming A carefully considered blend of local and international names will join us at Revolver Upstairs on November 23rd and 24th for the next edition of our global twenty-four hour series. Headlining the show is an artist who has provided us with an incredible array of iconic dancefloor moments over the years, DJ Sprinkles, whose unique strain of deep house unifies dance floors across the globe and lends itself perfectly to closing out 24/7 Melbourne. Joining Sprinkles are two of our favourite young producers of recent years, Willow and D. Tiffany, as well as the legendary cofounder of Red Light Radio Orpheu The Wizard. In keeping within the spirit of 24/7, and because no scene worth celebrating would exist without those tirelessly working to keep it going, local crews are front and centre throughout. Rave heroes Interstellar Fugitives & Toni Yotzi will be opening, followed by a Butter Sessions live showcase featuring Sleep D, Mosam Howieson & Norachi, and Haul Music's Mike Callander. Rambl closes out the second space. Over in room 1, Claire Morgan is on sunrise duty, before the psychedelic grooves of Wax'o Paradiso take us through to the afternoon. We'll then be handing over the reins to the legendary DJ JNETT and the Cool Room crew with Jennifer Loveless, Anuraag & Emily Roseman. On top of all this, we’ll be showcasing a series of films, hosting a live RA Exchange and creating a chill room for you to get lost in, re-energise and chat drivvle to new mates. Terre Thaemlitz will be performing "Deproduction", followed by a live Q&A, and well as more to be announced. The series so far has delivered four special events in four unique spaces. This one is going down at one of Melbourne’s most iconic late-night venues: Revolver Upstairs. Throwing a 24- hour event anywhere in the world isn’t without its challenges, so we’ve selected a team uniquely placed to make this event a success. Both Crown Ruler and the team at Revolver Upstairs understand the vibe and will help create a safe and amazing experience for everyone. See you front left.
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